Republican presidential candidate John McCain today blamed the increasingly shorter days in America on Barak Obama.

"You can see with your own eyes that the days have been getting shorter and shorter since the Democrats nominated Barak Obama as their candidate," McCain said.

"If this trend is allowed to continue, we will all be living in an endless dark," McCain added.

McCain went on to list the consequences of shorter days for America.

"Rain will turn to snow, road will become slippery and more dangerous, you will be risking your life just to go outside,"McCain said.

"The only way to save America and bring back daylight is to vote for me," McCain said.

"I promise you that if I'm elected, daylight will start increasing by Christmas," McCain added.

McCain also explained why Obama was unqualified to restore daylight.

"Obama has no experience with managing days and nights because he grew up in Hawaii."

The McCain campaign simultaneously launched a new series of television ads showing the screen getting darker and then going black with the voice over saying "Do you want to trust your future to that other guy?"

The Obama campaign initially was shocked to hear the new McCain allegation. "Is there nothing they won't stoop low enough to do?" asked Obama campaign coordinator Leslie Leapfrog.

Shortly afterwards, Sarah Palin weighed in with a claim that Obama was a communist as a child.

"He admitted sharing his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with his school friends," said Palin. "To each according to their need and from each according to their ability is right out of  Marx."

Whether or not Palin was quoting from Karl or Groucho Marx became the topic of talk show hosts later in the day



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