The US Treasury is being sytematically pillaged, it was realized the other day.

"People managed to steal billions of dollars from the US banking system," said Robert Vescow, Director of the Ponzi Institute at the General Delivery University, " and  Bush figured out how to give the banks taxpayer money to mitigate the losses."

"Now the banks are thinking about using the tax backed Bailout money to reward their shareholders with dividends," Vescow added.

On top of funneling money into banks, the US government also dumped billions into AIG and Wall Street, so corporate swine could go on hunting trips and give themselves giant bonuses.

"It is really amazing when you look at what is going on," said Vescow, "Bush is giving hundreds of billions in taxpayer funds to his buddies."

"This is the biggest act of theft in world history," Vescow added.

"This reminds me of scenes where a government is collapsing, and the soon-to-be-exiled dictator and his cronies loot a country," Vescow said.

Makes you want to look up the definition of "pillage".

No one is seriously talking about criminal prosecution of those who engineered the collapse of the US banking and mortgage funding system.

"At least I had to go into hiding in Costa Rica for a long time," said Vescow. "Now, the crooks are getting bonuses."

Well, maybe that will change in January when a new Administration takes office.

"We intend to hunt the dogs down and recover as much of the stolen money as we can," said a spokesman for Barak Obama.

Rumors are everywhere that the Bush Administration figured the GOP would lose control of the White House and Congress, so they needed to grab as much money as they could, and leave the Democrats stuck with over a trillion dollars in new debt on top of the $5 trillion they already piled up in the last 8 years, leaving the Democrats with no funds to do anything.

"In four years with no progress from the Democrats, we'll be able to regain control of the government and loot it some more," said a GOP official who asked to remain anonymous.