After celebrating the unprecedented shift in American politics, Democratic Party winners realized they had taken charge of the biggest disaster cleanup in US history.

Jaime Pleve, newly elected Senator from Baja Arizona. noted that election of the first Black President had a certain irony. "It has always been us minorities that have to clean up after the rich people," he said.

"The 8 years of the Bush regime has left the country in shambles," said Pleve.

"We've got 2 wars, we're six trillion in debt, and we've inherited an economy that has imploded, " added  Pleve. "The whole country looks like it was hit by  Katrina."

For the first time since the 1960's, millions of Americans were hopeful that fundamental changes could be made to the country that would bring out the best of its people.

"Mostly, our government has not reflected the best of who we are," said Pleve, "and there's always been a grass roots level feeling here that we, the people, could do better."

Now the grass roots has its chance to change the direction of the country.

"Milllions of people stood up to say enough of the old ways and si se puede for a new direction," said Pleve.

"And this time, we're not going to be stopped," he added.

"The difference now is there are millions of us and no matter how hard the forces of evil try and knock us down, others will stand up for the cause," said Pleve.

The Fox News Network immediately announced it was the headquarters of efforts to bring down the Obama Administration.

"We're going to do to Obama what we did to Bill Clinton,"said Bill Henratty, Fox talk show host.