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How To Make An American

First you get a very large pot, and mix in some Brits, some French, a bunch of Irish, then add a few million Africans, stir up some Indians, then simmer.

The mixture will produce Yankees, Southernors, and about 20 various states.

Then bring to a boil, repeating the following:

"All men and women are created equal regardless of their race, creed or color."

"Everyone has an equal right to succeed or fail, based solely on their efforts, and not because of what class or color they are."

"Government exists to serve the people, and not vice versa."

"One has the right to express one's views, even if no one agrees with them."

"Government and religion must be kept separate from each other."

"If one works hard, they can improve their lot in life, and that of their children."

"A free economy is the best means to prosperity."

"Justice and fairness are the same thing."

After the mixture cools down, add Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, Germans, Swedes, Norweigans, Turks, Lebanese, Mexicans, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and about 100 other varieties and spices from around the world, and mix thoroughly, keeping as much of the original flavour of each of the ingrediants as possible. (Note, some of the ingrediants will add themselves.)

The end result will be a very interesting experiment that constantly changes its texture, yet is unquestionably "American" no matter where it is found, no matter what color it is, and no matter what language is spoken.

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