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Every day millions of insects are killed on our interstate highways.

>When the speed limits were raised to 75 mph, did anyone consider the impact on bugs?

>Was an environmental impact statement done on the carnage that would be wrought on the insect kingdom?

It is time to stop this wanton murder of crickets, moths, butterflies, grasshoppers, flying ants, june bugs, gnats, mosquitoes, bees, and their kin.

Why should people just be concerned about harp seals and condors and bald eagles? Bugs deserve equal protection to all the nice warm and fuzzy critters.

Do you realize how many bugs you can kill on a simple drive of 60 miles? Thousands. And you heartlessly scrape them off your windshield. Think about the poor little bug families who lost a mother or father because you chose to go the speed limit.

Studies have shown that at speeds of less than 35 mph bugs will blow pass your car, and survive. At speeds greater than 35 mph they splatter.

Stop the carnage. Save the bugs. Lower the speed limits on our interstates to 35 mph.

Brought to you as a public service by the People For Ethical Treatment of Insects and the Frumious Bandersnatch.

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