GDU's College of Education has been developed to assist the teacher in the real world of the 21st century educational system.

EDUCATION 101: SELF DEFENSE How to avoid being assaulted by your students, the wearing of bullet proof vests, and filing police complaints is covered.

EDUCATION 102: HOW TO TEACH THE AVERAGE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT This extremely challenging program focuses on the development of teaching methods without the use of books and exams. [Ritalin not included]

EDUCATION 103: EVOLUTION AS A THEORY How cockroaches and state legislators evolved.

EDUCATION 104: COLLECTIVE BARGAINING Formation of unions, strikes, sick-outs, and other means of obtaining pay increases from budget-conscious school boards is reviewed.

EDUCATION 105: SEX EDUCATION How to turn this course into a rap session with your students so you can learn something.

EDUCATION 106: STUDY HALL How to get assigned to Study Hall, and other less challenging programs.

EDUCATION 107: FIELD TRIPS Field trips can have a profound effect on the educational progress if the student. Our field trips are to places like the state prison.

EDUCASHION 108:CHINGONICS Hey ese. You better learn de lingo or weell kick your ass.


Copyright 1997,1999 by Hugh Holub