Most people by age 40 have earned the equivalent of a college degree in the School of Hard Knocks. Unfortunately, no existing institution of higher education recognizes the intrinsic value of living, working, getting married, getting divorced, raising kids, getting laid off, and never making a hole-in-one. GDU's program (also called its School of Conventional Wisdom) has been designed to help people recognize what they are learning from life.

SHK 100: PARENTAL PHRASES Many parents communicate their School of Hard Knocks (SHK) learning to their children in little phrases such as "if you don't wash your hands you'll die of botulism" and "always wear clean underwear in case you are in an accident". Generally these phrases have been inherited from their parents and don't include the knowledge gained by the parents, nor do they work with the kids. Course Materials include modern phrases such as "if you stay out too late you could be kidnapped by space aliens" and "the safest answer to any request from your mom to do a chore is ok". The Course Materials will assist parents in discovering their own wisdom and phrasing it so that their children will use these phrases on their children.

SHK 101: DISCOVERY OF A LEARNING EXPERIENCE Probably the most difficult aspect of life is figuring out when you have actually learned something from experience. This generally occurs long after the fact, diminishing the value of such education. Speed up the process.

SHK 102: EXPRESSIONS OF DIFFICULTY Baby boomers will remember their parents describing the difficulty of getting to school as having involved "walking 2 miles through the mud and snow" or having passed a test as "I stayed up all night studying." The difficulty with which something was accomplished is always expressed by a statement (usually improbable) to highlight the value of the accomplishment. Course Materials provides modern expressions of difficulty, such as "I had to turn MTV off to..." to identify whatever it was that was difficult that was accomplished.

SHK 104: COMMON SENSE The true knowledge of life is often expressed in short statements which carry the weight of enormous experience or at least a funny thought, such as "a closed mouth gathers no feet". The Course Materials provide 50 such statements, which are equivalent to a college degree in anyone's book. [Note: tee shirts and other products can be purchased with selected statements of Common Sense.]

SHK 105: YOU'RE DOWN BUT NOT OUT It is said that for every door that closes a new one opens. How to find that open door.


Copyright 1997,1999 by Hugh Holub