One of the first changes anticipated with the election of Barak Obama as President is the wearing of suits.

"Obama has made the suit a new fashion statement," said Sigrid Synoptic, editor of Fashionista Magazine. "He combined youthful vigor leaping up on stages with the traditional black suit to give American's a new style."

"Actually, Obama's style of dress kind of reminded me of the Men in Black guys from the movies," said Joe Sam, foreign correspondent and statutory agent for the Bandersnatch.

The real beneficiary of Obama's proclivity for wearing suits is Men's Warehouse, according to the Center for Retail Excess at the General Delivery University.

"We're going to be seeing a lot of men wearing suits in the coming year," said Sam Waltin, head of the GDU retail studies center. "And this will be good for stores that sell cheap suits everyone can afford such as Men's Warehouse."

No one was willing to talk to the Bandersnatch from Men's Warehouse, but rumors were that the chain was gleeful at the potential for millions of men who haven't worn a suit since they were married to be buying new duds.

Many other changes in cultural identity expressions are expected with the Obama ascendancy.

"The cuisine of Chicago will replace Texas grits at the White House," said Synoptic, "whatever that is."

Synoptic also projected that whatever Obama's favorite music will get a lot more airplay in the country in coming months.

"There's actually a lot we don't know about Obama, such as what his favorite foods are, his favorite movies and books, his music, his choice in cars...all of which are going to shine the light on these things," added Synoptic. "People tend to emulate their heroes, and Obama is a genuine inspiration to millions who never believed they'd live to see a Black elected to the White House."