GDU offers a wide variety of independent study programs ranging from obtaining SBA Loans to international securities fraud. Our Course Materials have been prepared by experts in their respective fields located in the finest correctional institutions on three continents.

The Ponzi School of Business was named after Mr.Carlo Ponzi, who obtained money from investors, using some of the investor money to pay "dividends" to other investors, creating the illusion of a successful investment, while he was pocketing the balance of the invested funds. The practice is commonly referred to as a "Ponzi Scheme" and a Ponzi-type operation is also known as a "bucket shop" or the Social Security System.

BUSINESS 101: ETHICS (No Credit) Case histories of famous robber barons, con artists, swindlers, grifters and politicians are reviewed.

BUSINESS 1O2: THE SWISS BANKING SYSTEM How to open up your numbered account in Zurich. [Trip to Switzerland not included in Course Materials.]

BUSINESS 103: TAX HAVENS Numerous small countries (mostly in the Caribbean) offer opportunities to locate businesses and open up bank accounts that are not subject to U.S. taxation. [Field trips to the Netherlands Antilles and the Grand Cayman Islands can be arranged for a substantial price.]

BUSINESS 1O4: EXTRADITION TREATIES The laws of Brazil, Costa Rica, and other countries lacking effective extradition treaties with the United States are carefully explained. Itinerary of Robert Vesco included. [Note: if you are a former governmental official of Mexico, a special section is offered on exile in Cuba.]

BUSINESS 105: TIME SHARE CEMETERIES The newest wrinkle on real estate opportunities is explained. Double occupancy rates are covered.

BUSINESS 106: YARD SALES How to get rich buying junk at other people's yard sales and selling this dreck at your own yard sale for a profit.

BUSINESS 107: EBAY How to get rich buying junk at other people's yard sales and selling this dreck on EBAY for a profit.

BUSINESS 109: MONEY CAN MAKE YOU RICH Learn how to borrow money from friends without having to pay it back.

BUSINESS 201: INDIGENT ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Selling "will work for food signs" and reserving street corners is covered. Samples of effective signs such as "To Be Honest I Just Want To Buy Some Beer" are included.


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