The Suharto Financial Institute

Hi. I'm President "Prez" Suharto of Indonesia. You may have seen me in the news lately, stepping down from my post as dictator of Indonesia. The chief reason I resigned was to spend more time with all of you here at the Suharto Financial Institute.

A few decades ago I was just like you, sitting in front of my grass hut, recycling old tires into footwear. And then my life changed. I became maximum leader of one of the most populous countries on earth. On my way to the top, I learned a lot about the way economics works. And I'd like to share my hard won secrets with you, here at the Suharto Financial Institute. We have a world-renowned faculty--many faculty members were once dictators of their own countries; others were CEOs of large state-supported industries. More than a few of them are my relatives.

Our courses of study are designed with today's busy apiring dictator in mind. We include a heavy emphasis on the practical aspects of exploiting an economy, and keep theory to the minimum neccesary. Classes starting now could have you draining the exchequer of an emerging market economy by the fall!

Enroll today and learn:
Classes include:

When you graduate you will receive a free set of IMF loan guarantees, good at any investment bank in Japan, Hong Kong, the United States, or Europe. And, if you enroll now, as a special bonus you will receive a matching collection of East-Timorian-rebel shrunken heads at no extra cost.

Our institution is accredited by the General Delivery University. Should you have difficulty coming up with the tuition you may contact the Suharto Student Loan Corporation for help--a past history of bad credit is no problem!