Summer school used to be for the dummies who had failed a class and needed to try again so they could graduate. Not any more. Summer is for fun, and so is GDU's Summer School.

We hold our Summer School at a beach resort on Maui. Fee: $3,000.00 per week (Travel to and from Maui, room and board extra).

This year we will be offering a degree in Resort Management for those who attend our program. Courses being offered include:

RESORT 101: Keeping The Beach Clean: High quality resorts have clean beaches. Students will be required to spend one hour per day picking up trash on the beach.

RESORT 102: Lifesaving: It is a bummer when guests drown, so we will teach you how to swim, and then how to rescue a guest who is drowning. Mouth-to-mouth resusitation will be required using our Playboy Bunny Jil.

RESORT 103: Food Service: The better resorts are known for their food. Students will work in the kitchen preparing meals for the guests.

RESORT 104: Housekeeping: Another important element of resort management is keeping the rooms clean. Students will be required to clean at least 10 rooms per day.

RESORT 105: Dancing: Single guests appreciate the opportunity to dance with strangers. Learn how to dance.

RESORT 106: The Bar: The bars in a resort are a major source of revenue. Learn how to pour drinks and listen to guests babble about their sorry lives.

RESORT 107: Room Service: Meet the guests by delivering their meals to their rooms.

RESORT 108: Valet Parking: Learn how to drive many kinds of cars.

The GDU Summer Program is being held at a Resort owned by GDU Enterprises. Students are guaranteed at least 8 hours per day of free time. Students may retain all tips received.